Top 10 Technology Influencers & channels on YouTube

Nisal Prabashana

1. Marques Brownlee

10 m subscribers

With over 8.9 million subscribers, Marques Brownlee inevitably landed number one on this top tech influencers list. His popular channel, MKBHD, features Apple, Google and Samsung products as well as equipment reviews. He is known for his honesty and offers his subscribers a truthful review. If you are looking for an authentic review of the hottest technology on the market, look no further!

2. Lewis Hilsenteger

15m subscribers

As the owner of the popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, Lewis Hilsenteger is among the most successful tech influencers with over 14 million subscribers. What makes his channel unique is that he features gadgets and funny reviews that aren’t always trending or name brand products. For instance, he once created a funny review of the cheapest smartphone in the world! If you are looking for a channel that is both entertaining and informative, Lewis Hilsenteger’s channel is for you! 

3. DigitalRevTV

2 m subscribers

Founded by CEO and producer Richard Yu and co-produced and presented y Kai Man, DigitalRev TV is currently the most viewed photography show on the internet. Videos on this channel feature product reviews, camera challenges, and photography tips for over 1.9 million subscribers. With roughly 8.2 million views, their most viewed video is currently the “Emoji Photoshoot Challenge”. If you’re interested in photography and technology videos with a humorous twist, this is the channel for you! 

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